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Slakesoft,orisonit,texansoft,silicongiant,now as explorer it these are the real time blood suckers,dont try to to take any kind of IT training in this staffing company. Slakesoft,orisonit,texansoft,silicongiant,now as explorer it ,these all are running from india ,hyderabad ,ameerpet ,aditya enclaves, Slake soft cheats people in the name of Job Placements. They approach you stating that they are aware of an upcoming position with one of their... Read more

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I joined them for BA training and they(ROHIT) told me that there is a position and will place as soon as i complete my training . I completed my training and other formalities like mock interview and they prepared a RESUME for me and it was really horrible even an uneducated can say that it is a fake resume and the Peron who prepared that resume is RATNAKAR and they say that he is expert and most experienced person in preparing the resumes.... Read more

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Slake Software is a SCAM, Promised a project within one month of completing training and its been 1 yr now. I was promised a project within a month and they just say they are marketing you and send you requirements for face to face and nothing happened. Asked for a refund and blame goes to the candidate :-( Folks please stay away from them and you can surely find other trust worthy companies who would market you and get you a project with full... Read more

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Slake Soft Cheated me of $1000.. These people are fraud .. Please be aware, there are many company who provide free training. Please go through them but Big No to Slake Software Solutions. They pretend as if they are in Texas or Indiana, never trust they are in India. I have proofs that they operate from India. Please people don't trust them. I don't want any one to suffer like me. These people are for money, taking high fees. These people... Read more

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Hi, I wanted to warn of a staffing company that's a cheat.Slake Soft ripped me of $600 on promise of quality BA training and placement support. The QA training was not even 50% of the promised syllabus and there was no placement support. In the name of placement support they just sent me copy=pasted job details from job portals stating that they have sent my profile . and I have 5 years of exp as QA Just wanted to warn you people so that they... Read more

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This is about "Slake Software Solutions", San Antonio, TX. This people said that they do give "Online training" for all SAP modules and Placements immediately by finishing training. They said they can place me in Accenture, IBM, BCBS, VISA etc. As they said that trainer is working as a PM and has 12+ years exp in SAP BW/BI and is working in San Antonio, TX currently. Training charge is $1300 but pay $300 on the first day. Then pay rest as... Read more

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I joined their company with the training and placement they offered. I payed 1200$ and received a sub par training, the job requirements were way too low. I called them up and all they said was "the market is very low". I hardly got 1 requirement a day that didn't go anywhere. Bloody rip off. Beware of this company. And yes I waited 4 months for a job. I finally got a job in a total different domain and in a totally different field. Do your... Read more

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When it comes to training and placement, I would urge newbies to walk diligently. Slake will definitely arrange for your training but unfortunately they do not have links with vendors in US. THEY CANNOT PLACE YOU. They will fail to help you in resume preparation, mock interviews. The most critical step here is that vendor connections are altogether missing. They may claim that they operate from Indiana but they are based in HYDERABAD. They may... Read more

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Just to inform public in general that do not do any business with Slake software from Indiana. They promised to get me trained and placed and charged a $1200 fee for the same. They do not help you with any stage of placement and are incompetent to provide any vendor call. Once you are through with the training you are on your own. The mock call or the resume preparation is all a joke. They will never return your call the the concerned person... Read more

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Hi,Pls do not trust these people. The marketing team will push you to part with the money. They do not tell you anything about the so called Technical screening.No Support, No Help, No response.They will claim that they will get you an in house project & then when it is time to be placed they say they never gave any commitment.They never clear the so called Technical Screening.Pathetic training. No one can speak even proper,understandable... Read more

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